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Air Conditioning Service, Maintenance and Repair

BSE Air Conditioning and Refrigeration provide Service, planned maintenance and repair to range of air conditioning & refrigeration equipment within Dublin, Kildare, Meath, Wicklow and nationwide at a very competitive rate. We operate a 24 hour 7 day a week  Emergency service call out service. All our Engineers are trained to service all types of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

For service contact us at Tel: 01 6016 434

For the 24 Hour Engineer on call contact 087 983 6774

Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance

service and maintenance
BSE Air conditioning engineer servicing a computer room air conditioning unit

We provide scheduled air conditioning  preventive maintenance visits to ensure that your air conditioning  equipment is working to its maximum efficiency.  Our preventive maintenance visits are designed to assess the status of your equipment, reduce energy consumption, minimise and avoid refrigerant leaks and make necessary corrective adjustments or repairs before catastrophic failure occurs.

Preventive maintenance will ensure downtime is kept to the minimum, you protect your investment, your business and you meet your F-Gas regulations responsibilities.

F gas air conditioning refrigeration service label
F Gas leak test record label. All new equipment must display the type of refrigerant and quantity in the system.

We will provide a full service history of your air conditioning equipment, information on new options, products, F-gas legislation and provide recommend improvements for system performance.  We provide regular inspections, leak detection, cleaning/servicing vital components of your equipment, fast response times to emergency calls 24/7 and ensure the manufacturers’ warranties remain valid. All air conditioning equipment serviced by us and on completion of a full leak test will be labeled in accordance to the F-gas regulations.

Each contract is tailored to meet your needs at very competitive rates. A full maintenance report will be issue on completion of the inspection and the number of scheduled visits will depend on the type of equipment and its application.

We provide maintenance and service contracts to offices, computer rooms, data centres, restaurants, hotels, shops, manufacturing facilities, recording studies, printing industry just to mention a few.

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We are an F-gas registered company click here to view our F-Gas certification.