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Data Centre and Computer room Air Conditioning (CRAC) Cooling  Systems

Over the last number of years, close control computer room and data centre cooling systems have become a major specialisation of BSE Air Conditioning. We in partnership with Schneider Electric are in a positioned to provide a wide range of solutions for your entire computer room /data centre cooling ( computer room air conditioning ) CRAC unit. Our engineers are qualified data centre designers with over 25 years of on-site experience.

data centre cooling system
Computer room/data centre cooling showing water chiller and dry cooler (Source Schneider Electric)

We can provide a complete design to TIA-942 and Uptime Institute standards, build and maintain your data centre. We understand the importance of getting the initial design specification correct from the outset. Having the correct strategies in place will reduce the probability of outages due to cooling failure and significantly reducing the negative impact on your business so we design with resilience and Redundancy in mind.

We can offer a wide range of cooling solutions for you IT environments from

  • Underfloor cooling – DX and water cooled
  • Up flow cooling – DX and water cooled
  • In-row cooling
  • LCP Rack DX cooling draws in air from the sides and rear of the server enclosures and blown back into the front part of the server rack.
  • LCP Inline DX cooling draws in from the room or hot aisle at the rear of the device and blown back into the room or cool aisle.
  • Free cooling and heat recovery
  • Cold / Hot aisle enclosures for optimum cooling

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Aquaflair Chillers and Heat Pumps

The Aquaflair Chillers and heat pumps from Schneider Electric are designed specifically for the data centre environments that operate 365 days a year and support a wide range of applications from in-row, room-cooling equipment, heat recovery and free cooling.

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