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Do you suffer from hay fever allergies, asthma or dust irritations? BSE Air Conditioning offer a wide range of air purification solutions to meet your needs and care for you and your family’s health. Air purifiers remove dust and pollen from the air. The purifiers destroy bacteria and allergens while odours and viruses kept under control leaving your environment safer to breath.

daikin air purifierDaikin have now combined air purification with humidification and dehumidification functions to deal with dry throat conditions and remove room mould.

The purifiers are very stylish and installation is simple just plug and play. The purifiers are extremely quiet to allow you to breathe clean purified air while you sleep. The purifiers are very light, portable and easy the clean.

So, for a allergy free home and a peaceful night sleep call us today on (01) 6016434 and we will deliver to your door at no extra charge.

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Daikin bedroom Air Purifier

daikin air purifer how it works