F-Gas R22 Replacement and a ban on the use of R22 Refrigerant systems

F-Gas R22 replacement and the ban on the use of R22 refrigerant systems key date of January 1st 2015 has come and gone and it is now illegal to use recycled, reclaimed or virgin R22 to service air conditioning or refrigeration equipment under the F-gas regulations.

As a building owner or operator that have systems containing R22 it is your responsibility to ensure that your equipment new regulations.

Servicing R22 Refrigerant systems

Servicing R22 refrigerant systems is illegal. It is not illegal to “operate” systems that contain R22 refrigerant. It only becomes illegal when the R22 refrigerant within the systems has to be interfered with. This typically happens when a component of the system fails, for example, a faulty compressor or valves need replacing. If the system has a refrigerant leak it is illegal the repair and recharge with R22 refrigerant. If an electronic component, such as a fan motor or printed circuit board is required for the system and can be replaced without interfering with the refrigerant it is legal to do so. However, in the last 10 years manufacturing R22 systems have been phased out which means spare part are not easily sourced and very expensive. Nevertheless, there are solutions and some solutions are better than others.

R22 Solutions

The best solution and most economical is to replace the existing indoor and outdoor condensers with new state of the art inverter technology that uses, “A+” rated R410A or R32 refrigerant and uses as much as 80% less energy than a conventional , “G” rated or worse  R22 or R417 systems.

We can offer replacement technologies that allow the reuse the existing refrigerant piping resulting in lower installation cost and faster retrofitting. The existing piping can be used if the wall thickness of the existing piping can withstand the higher pressures associated with R410A and should only be assessed by a competent engineer for suitability with this replacement technology.

If you are considering replacing your R22 system because of a compressor burnout (recently or in the past) the existing piping cannot be used. The cost of flushing out the pipes with an environmentally friendly agent would outweigh the cost of installing new piping. Talk to us today for the best advice and protect your investment.

See below for Mitsubishi Electric R22 replacement technology presentation.

Customer feed back

The use of replacement technology has been ongoing for over 10 years and continues rise as the cost of energy increases. Over this period, we have installed hundreds of R410A heat pump systems into commercial and residential buildings and the feedback from our customers is only positive with reports of running cost as predicted, 30% to 40% that of a R22 system. The inverter technology offers better temperature control which our customers also reporting fewer temperature fluctuations, draught free, lower noise levels and all at a fraction of the running cost of a R22 system with payback on investment as low as 5 years.

BSE air conditioning and refrigeration provides a complete solution for the replacement of R22 systems call us today for a free no commitment quotation contact info@bse.ie or call (01) 6016434

Refrigerant Recovery and Disposal

R22 recycle All BSE Air Conditioning & Refrigeration engineers are trained in the safe handling and recovery of refrigerant from your system and hold City & Guilds 2079 Refrigerant handling certificates.

We are fully compliant with the new F-gas regulations, which is a prerequisite requirement by all air conditioning & refrigeration companies as from 4th July 2011. You can find our F-gas registration (REF1014589) and qualifications here.

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As part of our on-going campaign of informing our clients and the public in general we have a number of guidance booklets published by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) highlighting the responsibility of all sectors of the industry. You can download the guidance booklet relevant to your sector here:

Click below for Guidance Notes

[pdf link=”http://bse.ie/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Offices-and-Public-Buildings-Sector-Guidance-Book.pdf”]Offices and Public Buildings Sector[/pdf]

[pdf link=”http://bse.ie/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Industry-Sector-Guidance-Book.pdf”]Industry Sector[/pdf]

[pdf link=”http://bse.ie/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Retail-Sector-Guidance-Book.pdf”]Retail Sector[/pdf]

[pdf link=”http://bse.ie/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Hospitality-and-Leisure-Sector-Guidance-Book.pdf”]Hospitality and Leisure Sector[/pdf]

[pdf link=”http://bse.ie/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Contractors-Guidance-Book.pdf”]Contractors Sector[/pdf]

Free Site Evaluation

We offer you a free site survey to evaluate your existing air conditioning needs and equipment. Our in-house energy consultant engineer can make recommendations on your best economical options in phasing out your older R22 systems and replacing it with modern high efficiency money saving “A” rated air conditioning system.

BSE Air conditioning and refrigeration provides a complete solution for the replacement of R22 systems

The below video demonstrates how easy it is to retrofit your existing system:

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