HVAC Chillers

For Total comfort and Maximum Efficiency

We can offer water chiller / heat pump which operate on R410A refrigerant and  designed for 2 or 4-pipe systems. With just one unit, simultaneous and independent requests for chilled and hot water to satisfy both your heating load and domestic hot water demands all year round with low operating cost. Thees chiller / heat pumps are the ideal solution for commercial building, offices, recreation facilities and swimming pools.


  • Refrigerant R410A
  • 2 refrigerant circuits
  • Simultaneous heating and cooling
  • High efficiency even at part load
  • Heat exchangers optimised to benefit from the excellent heat transfer characteristics of R410A.
  • High efficiency scroll compressors.
  • Axial fans with low sound level.
  • Extremely solid structure with anti-corrosion polyester paint
  • Leaving water temperature 55 °C
  • External air temperature from -15 °C to 42 °C
  • Units fitted as standard with fan speed controller, which permits operation in the winter with external temperatures down to –10 °C, and in heating mode with external temperatures up to 42 °C.
  • Options for integrated hydronic modules with pumps, buffer tank, water filter, flow switch, expansion tank.
  • Microprocessor controls.


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