Process Cooling Chillers

We  provide a wide range of process chillers with free cooling to meet all manufacturing needs. It makes sense if you can cool water free then its saving you money and you reduce you CO2 emissions to the environment.

Free cooling water chiller

Manufactures  have developed water chillers that operate in the conventional way of using a refrigeration circuit to cool the water and avail of opportunities when the outdoor temperature is low enough to a cool the water without the need to operate the refrigeration circuit. As the outdoor temperature increases to between 5 – 16oC an 3-way valve and electronic expansion valve within the chiller allows partial use of the refrigeration circuit to meet the demand. As the outdoor temperature increase, further the chiller refrigeration circuit meet the full cooling demands.
By limiting the use of refrigeration circuit in cooler days and nights takes advantage of the renewable (free) energy sources with annual energy savings of up to 60% can be made and reducing payback periods

There are basically two types of Water Chiller – Air Conditioning (AC) and Industrial Process Cooling (PC) chillers.

Process chillers are generally installed in sealed and pressurised systems, which require auto air vents, expansion vessel and a mains water supply through a filling valve or pressurisation unit. They generally have small volume buffer tanks and a low pressure water pump to suit a cooling coil in an AHU, but high pressure umps are also available.

Chillers are are now supplied with an ‘fill & vent tank (make up tank)’ which eliminates the necessity for a mains water supply, expansion vessel and auto air vents, due to the self priming process.

Chillers also come with a high pressure pump (i.e. 3 bar) and with a large volume buffer tank to prevent short cycling and provide a very stable supply temperature. We provide a large range of process cooling chillers.

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