Fire Safety Risk Assessment

Our fire risk assessment (FRA) will help ensure that fire safety procedures, fire prevention measures and fire precautions are all in place, working properly and identify issues that require attention. We carry out an organised and methodical appraisal at the premises, activities carried out within the premises and the likelihood that a fire could start and cause harm to the occupants and others. We prepare Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) which will help persons affected by physical, medical, or sensory destabilise manage their escape to a place of safety.


Fire Safety Audits

The fire safety audit will assess the current level of fire safety protections that are in place and assess if they are appropriate. The Audit will assess the level of fire maintenance records, inspection records of the Fire Detection & Alarm System and emergency lighting, firefighting equipment, fire drills, fire doors inspections, fire stopping to mention just a few. The audit will flag non-compliance and will recommend corrective actions to bring your building in line with the Building Regulations Part B (Fire Safety).

Fire Detection & Alarm System

We provide consultation, assessment, design and certify Fire Detection & Alarm System to I.S. 3218:2013+A1:2019 or BS 5839-1:2017 which are independently installed, commissioned and maintained by qualified electrical contractors.

Emergency Lighting Design

We provide consultation, assessment, design and certify Emergency Lighting system to I.S. 3217:2013+A1:2017 or BS 5266-1:2016 which are independently installed, commissioned, and maintained by qualified electrical contractors.

Fire Stopping

 Fire stopping plays a major role in stopping the passage of fire from one compartment to another.  We understand how pipes, cables, ventilation ducts, fire dampers etc. interact with fire stopping which is sometimes ignored or not understood by some contractors. Contact us today to arrange a site inspection.



Fire Safety Compliance Reports

To satisfy the Building Regulation Part B we will prepare on behalf of the customers a fire safety compliance report which will be submitted to the Building Control Authority or County Council for approval on the application of a Fire Safety Certificate. Contact us today if your project requires a Fire Safety Certificate.


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